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"Amusing wallpapers"

by Anja Gerwinski

Warning: This page contains some very cute images. Only read further if you can stand extreme levels of cuteness. ;-)

These images can be distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

Available images:

[Flying Duo] Dynamic Duo flying over the city of Essen, Germany; 2001
JPEG, 223 kB
XCF, 3.8 MB
Unfortunately, I do not know the original author of the Dynamic Duo. It is in the GNU art gallery at gnu.org. Here is a local copy of the original image as a medium (372 kB) or large (3.5 MB) PNG file.
[Hearts] Hearts; 2001
JPEG, 26 kB
XCF, 249 kB
This image uses the Linux penguin by Larry Ewing.
[Roses] Roses; 2001
JPEG, 84 kB
XCF, 1.3 MB
This image uses "A GNU head", presumably by Etienne Suvasa, and the Linux penguin by Larry Ewing.
[Horizon] Horizon; 2001
JPEG, 70 kB
XCF, 1.2 MB
This image uses the FSF Europe logo. The gnu footprints (PNG, 10 kB) might be of general use.

Anja Gerwinski, October 17, 2002