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by Markus Gerwinski

["Gnu and Blaise Pascal"]

These images were drawn by Markus Gerwinski and digitized by Peter Gerwinski.

This artwork is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it according to terms of the Free Art licence.

For more information about the Free Art licence (in the spirit of the GNU GPL for software), see Copyleft Attitude.

Available images:

* Gnu and Blaise Pascal, 1996
This is the logo of the GNU Pascal compiler.
[Gnu and Blaise Pascal]
Gnu+Pascal.png (10 kB)

* Gnu and Blaise Pascal vectorized with autotrace by Frank Heckenbach, <frank@pascal.gnu.de>, 2001
Gnu+Pascal.eps.gz (19 kB)
Gnu+Pascal.pdf (18 kB)

* Philosophical Gnu, 1997
[Philosophical Gnu]
philosophical-gnu.png (18 kB)

* Philosophical Gnu vectorized as EPS with autotrace by Anja Gerwinski, 2002
philosophical-gnu.eps.gz (21 kB)

* Small tiling Gnus, 1997 (1.2 kB each)
[white] White
[grey] Grey
[blue] Blue
[green] Green
[yellow] Yellow
[magenta] Magenta

* Large tiling Gnus, 1997
[White] White (3kB)

Anja Gerwinski, August 20, 2003