GNU themed artwork

This artwork was created as a tribute to the GNU project. Enjoy! :-)

["Europa and the GNU"] "Europa and the GNU" t-shirt design for the FSF Europe
by Anja and Peter Gerwinski
["A GNU head"] Large "A GNU head" (pixel / vector)
by Peter Gerwinski
["A Gnu head"] "A GNU head" as vector graphics
by Aurélio A. Heckert
["Gnu and Blaise Pascal"] GNUs
by Markus Gerwinski
["Ancient writing"] Ancient writing
by Peter Gerwinski
["Very cute GNU/Linux"] Amusing desktop wallpapers
by Anja Gerwinski
["Tux, the Linux penguin"] Modified vector Linux penguin
by Anja Gerwinski

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Anja Gerwinski, October 17, 2002